Frequently Asked Questions

How to take our probiotics? When to start? View the FAQ, here.

Since our bodies normally host upwards of 100 trillion bacteria, it's very hard to overdose on probiotics. So, it is safe to take more than one MAAB probiotic product daily. However, as everyone's microbiome is different, for some people, a probiotic boost may instead lead to gas or bloating. Sometimes these symptoms are temporary and clear up within a few days or weeks of taking the probiotics. Cut back if such discomforts are persistent.

MAAB fastmelt ® probiotics are designed for the good bacteria to survive the highly acidic environment like our stomach and reach the final destinations like the intestines where absorption of nutrients takes place. Therefore, you could take MAAB probiotics® any time during the day, before or after or with meals. But as antibiotics and heat can kill bacteria, please remember to take MAAB probiotics® two hours apart from your antibiotic medication and avoid hot water when taking probiotics.   

It is like trying to answer the question of “how long shall I take my yoghurt” as MAAB probiotics® are designed for daily health needs. Depending on what you’re taking probiotics for, you may see symptom improvements anywhere between a few days to a few months. Often when you know what improvements you are looking for, you will soon be able to tell whether probiotics have brought any positive effect to your health. And that’s why MAAB probiotics® offer 10 sachets as the minimum package size to make it easy for you to start with probiotics or if you simply want to take probiotics when you suffer from certain conditions.

We do not add any sugar to the products. However, the trace amounts of sugar in MAAB probiotics® are the result of the fermentation process, where the probiotics are grown in the presence of sugar:

GI Plus: 0.029g per serving  

Immuno: 0.007g per serving 

Oral Health: 0.006g per serving 

Mavag: 0.017g per serving 

Mom Care: 0.03g per serving