Instructions for Using the Pjama Blue Range:
Make sure you have the right size so that it tightly fits the waist (not too tight). Use the waistband to adjust if necessary. Make sure to look at our size guide before purchasing your Pjama.

When you have accidental wetting, the Pjama inner layer absorbs the urine whilst staying dry on the outside protecting the bedding. The wearer senses when the Pjama becomes moist inside. The Pjama is not designed to be dry on the inside but discreetly provides feedback to the wearer when they are wetting themselves. Please see below regarding using our alarm to educate and overcome the problem of bedwetting for the child.

Pjama is made of a material that has antibacterial properties to avoid possible rashes. However, we cannot guarantee that a wearer with sensitive skin will not experience rashes.