• 9 May 2019 – Customer from New Zealand

    It took longer than expected for Pjama to arrive but it has been worth the wait! Although it's a longer drying time (at this time of year especially), not having to wash pajamas, brolly sheet, often top sheet, sometimes duvet cover & very rarely bottom sheet & mattress protector.....more than makes up for that, so THANK YOU!! My son is also old enough that if he has an accident he gets up & sorts himself out without waking me.....awesome!

  • 9 July 2019 - Customer in New Zealand

    My son loves them because he doesn't have to wear a nappy, which is great psychologically.

    We call them sumo pants :)

  • 1 August 2019 - Customer in Australia

    I think they are both really good. My son uses the pants when he is feeling cold and the shorts when he is feeling hot. I let him decide each night. The pants do seem
    to warm up quite a bit but that can be a good thing too. (It’s just we sleep with the heater on sometimes but otherwise my son loves that the pants are warm and cosy).

  • 26 October 2019 - Customer in Australia

    Hi, we are so happy with my son's pjama pants! They really came into their own last night
    when he wet in the night at his first school camp! No hassles - he was able to change them himself & store them away in the blue bag, & no-one was the wiser! : )

  • 30 July 2019 - Customer In Australia

    Just some background on my son who I bought the pants for.  He is 9 year old, ASD level 1 with ADHD and
    ODD, no intellectual disability.  He is in a mainstream school with support.  He took a long time to toilet train and has had encoporesis (severe constipation resulting to damage to bowel) since he was 3 which impacts his night time accidents.  He likes the pants and tends to choose to wear them when they are not in the wash.  I've sent them to scout camp and he recently flew in them.  I like that they don't look like pyjamas so he can wear them through the airport etc.  My son is very fussy about fabrics and he likes these pants which is a huge plus.  In the UK, he wore both the shorts and pants, they both seemed to suit the UK Summer. 

    Unfortunately on the way back, he vomited all over the pants then, on the second leg when he wasn't wearing them, wet himself.  I would have been more inclined to carry another pair with me if they weren't as bulky and the plane is a bit chilly for the shorts so didn't have them in the hand luggage.

    The only major downside to the pants are how long they take to dry once washed.  I've taken them on a trip to QLD when he wet almost every night then took a couple of days to dry on the line.  I found that I had to check if they were dry all the way through, not just touch dry on the surface, because one night they weren't thoroughly dry and he wet straight through them.

  • 29 September 2020 - Customer In Australia

    To say that a pair of Pjama shorts has changed my family’s life may sound like an exaggeration, but that is exactly what has happened in my home.

    Prior to my son, 10 years, wearing his Pjama shorts I was stripping his bed almost daily; washing a bed mat, fitted sheet, pyjamas, doona and doona cover.  He had grown too big for the disposable nappies and he was leaking almost every night.  In fact, due to the volume of washing that I was doing, I had reduced my son’s bedding to just a bed mat and doona because it was driving me so insane. I was forever loading the washing machine, hanging things on the line, or filling the dryer and desperately trying to get things dry. The roll on effect of this was that I had reduced time for other ‘priorities’ and I was going crazy!

    Now I wash just one thing every second or third day: his Pjama shorts. Life has indeed changed for the better.

    My son now wakes up in his fully made bed in the morning and if he has wet himself during the night he takes his Pjama shorts, turns them inside out and puts them
    straight into the washing machine ready to be rinsed and washed.  We have three pairs (but soon to have five!) so that I have plenty of time to get them dry in time.

    My son also is beginning to wake up at night if he wets himself and gets changed without me having to help him.  Before Pjama shorts, he wouldn’t wake up at all. Even after only one month, he is beginning to wet less than before.

    I was hesitant at first to spend the money on the Pjama shorts, but they have been the best purchase I have made in years. Money well spent…. And so much cheaper than psychiatric appointments!  😉


  • 10 Aug 2019 - Customer from Australia

    Mother providing feedback after her daughter’s camp:

    It went AWESOME.  The pants worked perfectly and my daughter came back all smiles because no one had even noticed she was wearing them.  Camp was causing her so much anxiety, and she came back full of confidence and looking forward to the next camping trip.


    Thank you so much. It has meant so so much to her.


    Also, I’ve found laundering them to be fairly easy too.  I’ve line dried and then popped in the dryer for an air dry cycle and it’s worked perfectly.

  • 10 Nov, 2019 - Customer from Australia

    Feedback from a mother regarding her son’s school sleep over:

    My son mentioned that another boy was wearing Pull-Ups (which he wet) – and was teased & taunted by the other boys. Thanks to your Pjama pants that my son wore, no-one
    was the wiser when he wet them and dealt with them himself! 🙂 🙂

    Well worth the cost of purchase!!


    The Continence Foundation of Australia publishes a quarterly magazine called the Bridge. In their most recent issue the cover story is about Matt, a young man telling
    his story of living with bedwetting since he was a teenager. Being an adult bed wetter can certainly complicate how you live your life


    Matt contacted Pjama Down Under a few months ago and said he was tired of washing sheets every morning.  We talked about Pjama and how they could possibly help him. Matt decided to buy a pair and recently he contacted us to say that the Pjama shorts have been an absolute life saver for him. He is thrilled with them as they make life so much easier.

  • 4 June 2020 - Customer from Australia

    Here is a comment from a mother who said it is ok to share her comment anonymously. This is a child with ASD, Autism spectrum disorder:


    I have found the pyjama pants to be such a great design - I have tried many versions, but yours are the only ones that work and that he feels comfortable in. My son is 7 years old and diagnosed with ASD and nighttime accidents have been a long hard road to try and figure out a solution. These pants give him confidence and allow me not to be washing sheets every day.

    Thank you.

  • August 2021 - Customer in Australia

    I love these pyjama pants.

    For us they have been a saviour. My son has a complex disability and doesn't just wet the bed, he soaks it. Doona, sheets pillows, clothes, the lot were drenched. I had multiples of everything which cost a fortune and had a mountain of washing every night. Since using Pjamas all that has dispersed. I do use a bed mat in conjunction with the Pjamas but doona is dry and so is child which means he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night needing to be changed. There are times when he soaks through the Pjamas, like this morning, but his pyjama top was still dry and so was the bedding. The way they're made, he never actually feels wet so he remains asleep. People complain about the price but for me, it's totally worth it for the amount of time and money they save me in other areas, plus we have NDIS funding to cover the cost.

    Yes, they do take a long time to dry but considering that they are purposely designed to soak up liquid this is inevitable. We have multiple pairs and have a rotation going. These pants really serve a purpose. for us, our son's bed wetting was a real issue but it is so under control now thanks to this product. My son's issues are ongoing due to his disability but we have used the night wee alarm for my typically developing daughter. With in a week of using it she was totally night trained at 4 years old using the alarm. I have no stakes in this company, I just really love their products as they serve their purpose so well.

  • 6 January 2022 - Posted on FB group page

    Hey guys, not sure if it has been mentioned at all on here? After a heap of research and failed solutions, I came across and recently bought a couple of “bed wetting pyjama pants” for my 13yo son as I was desperately looking for a solution to take on our annual camping trip and the overnight disposable pants were just not cutting it, my son was not only wetting those but also his bedding most nights.

    Since getting these pants (2 weeks prior to Xmas) we have only had to wash the bedding 3 times, and 2 of those were because he had forgotten to wear the pyjama pants, the other was forgetting to tighten the draw cord.

    They wash in the machine and take 1-2 dryer cycles to dry depending on your settings (or days on the line depending on the heat – it was 1 day in the heat for me).

    They look pretty much like pyjamas so my son wasn’t shy to walk around camp for a change.

    I definitely recommend checking them out if you have reached the frustration point I had in having to constantly wash the bedding, do nightly checks/changes.

    The owner was super helpful even meeting me to exchange some pants as I had bought the wrong size and I had missed the last delivery cut off for Xmas.

    The pants seem expensive, but when you calculate how much you are spending on disposable pants, waterproof bedding, sheets etc it evens out.

  • 3 Nov 2020 - Customer In Australia

    She calls them her "wonderproof wetpants"

  • 12 January 2022 - Customer in Australia

    We love them. I tell all the families at school.

  • 21 August 2020 -Facebook Post

    My son has found the pjama pants comfortable and they’ve saved a bunch of washing. Eva was great to work with and made the purchase process easy and straightforward.

  • 16 April 2021 - Customer in Australia

    I have just purchased my son's second two pairs of Pjama's to help manage his persistent bedwetting problem he continues to battle at 38. He was very impressed with the first one he used and I am pleased to be a return customer.

  • April 2021 - Customer from Australia

    When I first heard of Pjama, I didn’t think I needed them because as long as we get her out of the bed when she wakes, she is dry in the morning. But being away from home showed me how much she needed the added protection when she would be traveling in the mornings, and also when having a wet bed was more of an issue than it is at home. I am so much more relaxed now, knowing she won’t wet through!

  • 20 August 2021 - Customer in Australia

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that these have been working fantastically well for our 8 year old son. He loves wearing them!  We received our first 2 pairs on Wednesday and we have had dry beds since 😊 First night they were wet inside in the morning but dry outside and felt like they were not at capacity which was good to know and he had a nearly dry night in them last night.

    Many thanks

  • 9 Oct 2021 - Customer in Australia

    I’m very happy with the pjama pants we received. My older child would wet through nappies and I was always changing bed sheets. These have worked well, we have 2 pairs and might get more!

  • 15 October 2021 - Customer in Australia

    He is very happy to wear them at night and it stayed dry for about 3 weeks! So when he finally wet the bed it worked and held it in. Twice more he has wet the bed and it has leaked. Not sure if this was a particularly big overnight wee. 

    Anyway so far so good. I’m glad I got three as they take about 3 days to dry as you said! 

  • 14 Sept 2021 - Customer in Australia

    When we first washed these shorts prior to using on the weekend I wasn’t too sure how we’d go. It was quite wet and damp in Brisbane and they took a long time to dry. On the first night we tried the shorts over the top of a pull-up nappy. Unfortunately we still had leaks through the night.

    On the second night we gave the shorts a go with no pull-up. There was no leaks at all. The following nights since then we’ve had no leaks. We’ve tried almost every brand available with no success. We wash bedding daily. This has been the first relief we’ve ever had. This morning our son never wet the bed woke up completely dry. This has been our first time that this has ever happened after trying many different options for him. I’ve now ordered a 3rd pair. We won’t be going back to disposable pull-ups or any other options again.