• When it comes to diagnosing Parkinson's disease, doctors often employ a set of standard clinical tasks to evaluate your motor abilities. Hand movements play a crucial role in this assessment. One commonly used task is finger tapping, where you rapidly and repetitively tap your fingers on a solid surface. Additionally, doctors may observe other hand movements such as hand opening and closing, wrist rotation, or finger dexterity exercises. By carefully examining these hand movements, healthcare professionals can assess specific motor characteristics associated with Parkinson's disease, like tremors, stiffness, and bradykinesia (a medical term for slowness of movement).

  • The PD-Monitor is an easy-to-use desktop device designed to measure hand movements, including finger tapping. The clinically validated software enables PD-Monitor to discriminate the movements of Parkinson’s patients from those of neurologically healthy individuals.

  • The PD-Monitor provides an output figure on a scale from -1 to +1 to interpret the test results. Similar to other medical tests, a range of 0 to +1 indicates a 'positive' test result, where a higher score signifies a greater likelihood of exhibiting symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease. Conversely, a score ranging from -1 to 0 is considered 'negative,' indicating a lower likelihood of symptoms and a closer similarity to neurologically healthy individuals. The lower the test score within this range, the less likely the presence of Parkinson's symptoms. To help you understand and discuss the findings with your GPs or specialists, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report.

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The PD-Monitor is a CE marked and MedSafe registered medical device.

At the moment, our staff is based in Auckland and Nelson. If you reside outside these areas, we kindly request you to get in touch with us. Let's have a conversation about how we can make the test accessible to you in the most cost-effective manner.

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