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The Journey Behind Prime Fifty: Crafting Supplements for the Over 50s

Ageing brings new and different nutritional challenges. So, the Prime Fifty products have been specifically designed to deliver the nutritional and wellbeing needs of the over 50s.


Prevailing Nutrition Deficiencies Among Older Adults

What Prime Fifty has done is to firstly study a range of scientific diet and

nutrition surveys carried out on the over 50s to understand the key nutrients of concern, for example, those that are lower than target levels and also those that are believed to bring benefits at higher or optimal levels in older adults.


This deficiency is attributed not only to inadequate intake but also to reduced absorption efficiency in aging bodies.


Consider Vitamin B12, a vital nutrient for energy levels and heart health. Shockingly, up to 30% of individuals over 60 may poorly absorb this essential vitamin due to lower stomach acid. Similarly, calcium, crucial for bone health and beyond, faces reduced absorption efficiency in the older population.


The deficiency in vitamin D is another critical aspect, influencing bone density and muscle strength. Beyond these, deficiencies in vitamins C, folate, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc, and potassium are identified as potential precursors to chronic issues if left unaddressed.


Following on from extensive market research conducted on over 1,000 over 50s consumers, Prime Fifty decided to address prevalent aging concerns, including chronic fatigue, bone health joint health , and crucially, menopausal support , based on the confirmed preferences of consumers.


Striving for a Balance: Achieving Optimal Intakes While Maintaining Maximum Dosage Limits

Beyond merely meeting recommended intakes, Prime Fifty recognizes the significance of 'optimal intakes.' Scientific studies over the last two decades emphasize that some nutrients, like protein, can bring additional long-term health benefits when consumed in higher than recommended doses.


For example, while the recommended protein intake was traditionally around 60 grams/day, recent studies, including the 'ProtAge' study, suggest that a higher protein diet is exceptionally beneficial for muscle health in older individuals, combating age-related muscle loss.


Moreover, the World Health Organization, in collaboration with Tufts University, emphasizes the protective role of various micronutrients. From Vitamin C's potential protective effect against cancers to the role of Vitamin D and calcium in preventing osteoporosis, the significance of these nutrients is well-documented.


While advocating for the use of supplements, Prime Fifty maintains a cautious approach towards mega-doses. Acknowledging the potential toxicity of certain micronutrients at extremely high levels, such as vitamin A, the company ensures its products are formulated below the established 'upper tolerable limits' set by relevant authorities.


In conclusion, Prime Fifty's dedication to extensive research and adherence to factual understanding positions its range of products as not only relevant and effective but also safe for the over 50s population.


An increasing number of individuals over 50 are realizing that nutrition plays a key role in their health and well-being. Our Prime Fifty science-backed range is specifically designed to meet these unique needs, helping you stay active and feel younger for longer.


About the Prime Fifty Founder

Dr. Max Gowland, Founding Director of Prime Fifty, brings over 35 years of R&D experience to the table. His passion for nutrition and commitment to encouraging over 50s to stay active are the driving forces behind Prime Fifty's vision.




Prime Fifty is now a subsidiary of FutureYou Cambridge, a UK food supplement company based in Cambridge, England, an internationally renowned hub of scientific research.


MAAB Health, is the importer and distributor of Prime Fifty products.






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