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Repost : maintain a healthy Vaginal flora

How to maintain a healthy vaginal flora 


Did you know that lactic acid bacteria forms an important part of a healthy vaginal flora?

Through their production of lactic acid, the lactic acid bacteria maintain an optimal pH level of the vaginal environment thereby inhibiting the growth of unwanted microorganisms in a natural way. 

Age, menstruation, and oestrogen levels can all impact the vaginal microbiome. Other factors such as smoking, intercourse, hygiene habits and other practices can cause vaginal discomfort.

To prevent recurrence of vaginal infections and relieve discomfort, MAAB has formulated a probiotic supplement that promotes healthy lactic acid bacteria in females.

Taken daily, MAAB’s Fastmelt probiotic MAVAG  can help maintain a balanced vaginal microbiota. Find out more here. MAVAG Fastmelts can be purchased here.


MAVAG Fastmelt probiotic supplement

Note: This article does not constitute medical advice. Probiotics are safe for most people. However, MAAB recommends consulting your doctor if you suffer from an immune disorder or underlying illnesses. 

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