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Why a balanced vaginal microbiota is beneficial for your health

Did you know that a balanced vaginal microbiota is essential to relieve vaginal discomfort and minimise the recurrence of vaginal infections?  

A complex ecosystem, multiple bacterial species make up the vagina’s microbiota. These species are influenced by various factors, including genes, the environment, and ethnic background.  

Interestingly, increasing evidence suggests that the composition of the vaginal microbiota or flora can influence a person’s sexual and reproductive health.  

For individuals with healthy vaginal microbiota, sufficient levels of the lactobacillus species are present. Lactobacillus produces lactic acid (meaning a lower ph.), and it suppresses colonisation and overgrowth of pathogenic, or disease-causing, bacteria.   

When low lactobacillus levels are present in the vaginal microbiota, an individual may experience systems like itching, abnormal discharge, odour and rash. This may lead to infection, namely bacterial vaginosis, which requires treatment by antibiotics.   


Studies indicate that untreated bacterial vaginosis can lead to many issues, including endometriosis, miscarriages and other complications. And those who smoke, douche, experience fluctuating hormone levels or take antibiotic treatment are at a higher risk of getting bacterial vaginosis.  

Unfortunately, 29% of women suffering from vaginal discomfort also experience depression, with low self-esteem a common psychological consequence of bacterial vaginosis.  

This is where MAAB’s MAVAG Fastmelt probiotic supplement comes into the picture. The supplement includes several probiotic strains, including lactobacillus, all documented for their efficacy to improve the vaginal microbiota, including suppressing disease-causing bacteria.  

MAVAG Fastmelts can assist the prevention of bacterial vaginosis, as well as be taken in conjunction with antibiotics to aid relief from bacterial vaginosis. 

The Fastmelts are ingested by pouring a sachet on your tongue, which dissolve instantly. And rest assured, the probiotic bacteria in these Fastmelts have been proven to survive the passage through the stomach’s acid environment.  

Fascinatingly, an individual’s body environment changes over a life period, as does their vaginal microbiota. Whether you are a young adult or experiencing menopause, MAVAG is a product that can assist you through all stages.  

For more information about MAAB, read our article on beneficial bacterial here. MAVAG Fastmelts can be purchased here.  

Note: This article does not constitute medical advice. Probiotics are safe for most people. However, MAAB recommends consulting your doctor if you suffer from an immune disorder or underlying illnesses. 

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