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Pjama was founded 2010 in Malmö, Sweden. The two founders had both experienced the results of bedwetting in their own families and discovered that there were many other families suffering from the same problem. They saw their children, with sorrow, refrain from attending school trips, football camps and not wanting to attend sleepovers. It all became unbearable and one of the founders, Torbjörn Gärdenfors, said;

The solution became Pjama, a bedwetting pyjama that could absorb liquid. It is a unique product with a good purpose - A pyjama that gives bedwetting children and adults the chance to easily attend activities which involves sleeping away from home. They are discreet and safe.  

We collaborated with Smart Textiles at the Boras University to develop our fabrics. It took several different prototypes before we found the best solution of fabrics, design and sewing technique. Today all of our products are made in Europe.


Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is a common problem among children and adults worldwide. It affects the person’s life and often their social life. Many children with bedwetting problems do not want to attend activities such as camps and school trips that involve sleepovers. There’s a great fear that someone will find out about their problem and it lowers their self-esteem. We at Pjama want to give everyone that suffer from bedwetting the chance to attend activities that means sleeping away from home.

Many people think bedwetting is only a childhood problem but in reality, there are many adults who also suffer from nocturnal enuresis. It’s a problem that is rarely spoken of and it’s easy to feel alone. You shouldn’t.

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Our innovative Pjama is a pyjama that looks like an ordinary pyjama, but it has the ability to absorb the urine after an accident. The bed will be kept dry so there is no need for protective sheets or changing bed linen in the middle of the night. The urine stays in the pants/shorts, so you can feel calm and safe. Pjama is easily washed and is an eco-friendly alternative to the many disposable products that are available on the market today.

Our Pjama pants/shorts are discreet, comfortable and secure, which makes them easy to wear without anyone noticing your problem. We have sizes for both adults and children, so everyone can find a size that fits. 

Pjama can be of great help when dealing with the problem and it’s a great compliment to other treatments available. They can be used at home or whenever sleeping away from home at sleepovers with friends, camps, school trips etc. As one of our customer's put it; "Our son no longer has any problems staying overnight when there's a school excursion".

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