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Pjama Bedwetting Shorts (BLUE) 2-in-1 Starter Pack

Pjama Bedwetting Shorts (BLUE) 2-in-1 Starter Pack

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2x Pjama Bedwetting Shorts
1x Pjama Waterproof Bag

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Pjama Bedwetting Shorts are washable/reusable pyjamas for bedwetters. With Pjama there is no need to change the bed linen during the night in the event of a bedwetting incident. A discreet and comfortable solution for your children, whether they're sleeping away from home or at home, Pjama protects your sheets, blankets, and mattress.


💧 Washable Pjama Bedwetting Pants
💧 Reusable Continence Aids for Children
💧 Waterproof, breathable and safe
💧 Pjama Pants are comfortable too!

Note: the product is unisex.

The Pjama Pants are a simple, convenient, discreet, safe and environmentally friendly solution for problems around bedwetting.

💧 Blue Pjama's do not connect to bedwetting alarms 💧


Pjama Pants are made of a breathable material and simultaneously inhibit the penetration of liquid. They are as nice as wearing any other pyjama pants, while keeping moisture from the bed.

Pjama Pants protects sheets, duvets and mattresses.

Pjama is made of soft tencel, a breathable waterproof membrane and a super-absorbent material that makes urine stay in the pants. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.


Hydrophobic material at waist and ankles/knee folds, super-absorbent material in critical areas.

- An outer waterproof and soft layer that breathes very well.

- An inner material that is soft and smooth on the inside. The material can absorb fluid and is made with capillary breaking properties.

In other words, Pjama is a super awesome way for both children and adults to keep the bed dry at night. And to look great while wearing them.


Pjama is a washable, and reusable product that is easy to use. For the longest life of the product please follow these guidelines:

Turn Pjama inside out so that the waterproof membrane does not keep the liquid inside the shorts and pants.

Rinse out the Pjama before washing and make sure to wash it as soon as possible.

Wash with garments with similar colours.

Do not wash your Pjama with sharp objects. For example, zippers, bras or other metals.

Wash at a maximum temperature of 60°C.

Finish the washing programme at high spin speed cycle. If your washing machine does not have a high spin speed cycle you might need to spin and drain one more time.

Do not dry clean, use fabric softener or iron the product.

The unique features of the Pjama leads to a longer drying time of the product in comparison with other textile garments.


Pjama contains an absorbent material which affects the drying time. How long it takes depends on several factors including humidity, the temperature in the room and the efficiency of the washing machine’s high spin speed.

To keep the drying time as short as possible it is good to:

Dry Pjama’s inside out, either outdoors or at room temperature. It is also possible to tumble dry Pjama.

If you use a tumble dryer make sure the temperature does not exceed 60°C.

In humid climates it can take 1-2 days for Pjama to line dry.

Depending on your dryer Pjama might not feel completely dry when taking it out of the dryer.

Hang it on the line for an hour and it should feel dry.




When choosing your Pjama, bare in mind that the pants or shorts should be loose.


The Pjama measurements are shown in centimetres (cm).  

The Pjama Light model measurements are the same for corresponding age, but has slightly less absorption.

When measuring, take into consideration that Pjama shorts or pants should have a loose fit. We recommend choosing one size larger than you normally would.

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